Monday, May 22, 2006

BBC - சொதப்பல்...

A London cabbie was mistaken for an IT expert he was set to pick up at the BBC and ended up appearing live on TV.

The taxi driver was holding a badge for Guy Kewney in reception when the confusion took place.

A producer called out for "Guy Kewney" and the cabbie was ushered on to a News 24 studio set.

Instead of telling show bosses he was not Mr Kewney, he tried to bluff his way through the interview about the court battle between Apple iTunes and Apple Corps.

அடடா!! 'Mister Romeo' படத்துல, பிரபுதேவா & வடிவேலு அடிச்ச காமெடித் தான் ஞாபகத்துக்கு வருது....

Mr Guy Kewney சொல்றத படிச்சுப் பாருங்க...


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